[A young dream]“Idea- There is no border in front of technology.”


[A young dream]“Idea- There is no border in front of technology.”

Kim Young-jin, CEO of Contrice Lab (right), Kim Tae-sung, Director of i- Aurora are posing with their smartphone showing their company’s services. Kim Kyoung-jae reporter


“There was no place to sell products in Korea, so I turned my attention to the overseas market. If you have the ideas and the skills, there’s no problem with the border or language.”( Kim Tae-sung, Director of i- Aurora)

i-Aurora, a kiosk (KIOSK, unmanned information terminal) system maker, has been on the Chinese market for three years with Wanda Cinema, the largest movie theater company in the world. They have made a great achievement in the general kiosk with ticketing function market, thanks to the idea of the ‘Photo ticket’. Contrix Lab, which has web-based 3D (3D) technology, also provides services to Singapore and Japan.

As the recent start-up business booms in Korea, start-ups that are active in the world are showing their prominence beyond the Korean market. Kim Young-jin, CEO of Conti lips Lab, said, “From the business development stage, it is possible to increase the chances of success if we think about entering the overseas market rather than the narrow domestic market.”



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