i-aurora, supplies 25 billion worth of ticketing machines to China’s wanda cinema.


i-aurora, supplies 25 billion worth of ticketing machines to China’s wanda cinema.

For people who are going to the cinema stop by the “Star Photo kiosk”

Select your favourite actor at the kiosk …


Cultural data commercialization and support company i-aurora

The visitors of Tongzhou cinema which is China’s large multiplex owned by Wanda cinema, can print out the photo ticket from the i-aurora’s star photo kiosk that has been installed this January. Provided i-aurora.

For people who are going to the cinema stop by the “Star Photo kiosk”. Select  your favourite actor and take your own picture with him/her. Using augmented reality technology the picture is printed out and becomes your movie ticket. You can keep a souvenir of your visit even after watching the movie.

This ticketing solution technology was developed by a Korean company, i-aurora. This company signed a contract to be the sole provider of automatic ticketing systems to China’s largest multiplex cinema, it received the support from the business council for cultural data use after joining the east Asian daily news Youth Dream centre.

i-aurora signed a contract with Wanda cinema for 25 billion Korean Won to provide 5000 automatic ticketing kiosks to 200 cinemas during 3 years.

Last year the star kiosk producing company i-aurora was selected to be the supporter for companies who are using cultural data. Ministry of culture sport and tourism with the Korean culture information service agency central office group selected 10 start-up companies to support their commercialization. I-aurora’s advantage is that the star photo kiosk is installed at famous touristic venues and can use historical character as well as Korean Wave celebrities. This specialized technology and culture context received high praise.

The selected companies like i-aurora were provided with consulting and cost support for being a pioneer company. This program is focused on giving support for cultural data use from the Ministry of culture sport and tourism, Presidential Committee on Young Generation, Korean culture information service agency, Korea Creative Content Agency, Korea Copyright Commission, Industrial Bank of Korea, Seoul Business Agency and the Youth Dream Centre The council supports i-aurora for its production costs for around 10 million Korean Won. This program extended i-aurora’s business conditions and capabilities. It also helped support product distribution connection and market exploitation.

i-aurora successfully entered the Chines market with these diverse supports. After beginning at Tongzhou cinema they have a plan to install the star photo kiosk everywhere in china. Later on they also want to enter the south east Asian market. “ We plan to build a new business model around a platform that would use the Kiosk to also provide coupon to nearby restaurants” and “The motivation for these challenges is the support we received from the different governmental organizations”  explained Jang YoungSu i-aurora’s president.

The support for the use of cultural data is stronger this year. “The promising star up companies that receive support from the government this year have the motivation to develop, the quality and quantity of support is also increasing” and “It plans to build collaborative networks that creates synergies among the start-ups” Said the president of the Korean culture information service agency Kim soyeon

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