Korean Movie theatre technology goes global … i-aurora. CGV ‘ The new Korean wave”


Korean Movie theatre technology goes global … i-aurora. CGV ‘ The new Korean wave”

CJ CGV, 4DX theaters signed with Canadian for exports … i-aurora’s kiosk got an intent of purchase

The Star Photo Kiosk at the i-aurora booth at the 2016 CINEMACON in Las Vegas USA.


The Korean movie theatre technology received good reviews at the world’s largest film industry fair ‘CINEMACON 2016’. This technology is being exported to Vietnam, Canada, Kuwait pioneering a new Korean wave model.

The ticketing solution company i-aurora since attending the 2016 CINEMACON in Las Vegas USA from 11th of this month, has signed an intent of purchase with the Vietnamese BHD for their Star Photo Kiosk product.

The Star Photo Kiosk allows users to take a picture with their favourite celebrity on the sport and to print it directly using augmented reality. The picture is printed on a card that can also be used as a movie ticket giving users a nice memory from their experience at the cinema.

i-aurora’s booth was visited by many movie theatres officials from America, Thailand, china and Mexico. “Thanks to the Star photo kiosk ticket, movie goers get to keep a souvenir even after watching the movie, it can also help movie promotion with the diffusion of the picture through Social medias” said i-aurora’s representative.

A subsidiary of CJ CGV (111,500 won rise 3000 -2.6 %) multiplex theatre CJ 4DPLEX  has signed a contract with Canada’s number one cinema CINEPLEX for one year. With this first contract in Canada, they set the foundation to prepare their expansion in North America.

The 4DX technology will be installed in Yonge-Dundas and VIP theatres in Toronto Canada. These places belong to the top 5 best box office revenue in Canada.

CJ 4DPLEX has also signed an agreement with Kuwait’s KNCC to open two 4DX theatres in the first half of this year, it has also signed a business agreement (MOU) with China’s 9th cinema operator the Shanghai Film group  to open more than 20 4DX theatres in the next 3 years.

CJ CGV and i-aurora’s booth at the 2016 CINEMACON in Las Vegas USA

The result of all this is because i-aurora and CJ 4DPLEX booths are so close to each over, movie theatre officials who were interested in visiting CJ 4DPLEX’s booth naturally were attracted by i-aurora’s booth. It gave a higher interest to Korea’s outstanding movie theatre technology.

The goal for an SME like i-aurora was to lay the groundwork for their future exports to the global market.  CJ CGV on the other hand was further cementing their leader place on the global market of 4DX theatres. Among China’s top 11 movie theatres companies 7 have established 4DX. CJ CGV plans to secure 400 theatres by the end of the year.

“ As we keep on participating to CinemaCons around the world we have seen that the overlooking of 4DX cinemas is starting to change, we feel proud to be able to carry the future of the global move theatre industry with a technology created in Korea” CJ 4DPLEX’s representative said.

CJ 4DPLEX and Canada CINEPLEX signing an agreement at the 2016 CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

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