A Korean small and medium-sized AR technologyenterprise…came to amajor league baseball fan event.


A Korean small and medium-sized AR technologyenterprise…came to amajor league baseball fan event.

i-aurora’s Star photo Kiosk’s popularity at the Baltimore Fanfest…Accelerating the US Sports Market Capture.

Domestic SMEs are entering the ticketing market of the US Major League Baseball (MLB) with 73 million fans.

According to the sports industry,i-Aurora, a ticket solution specialist, was at the “Baltimore Orioles Fanfest”on January 28 at the Baltimore Convention Center presenting their AR (Augmented Reality) Technology the Star Photo Kiosk.
The StarPhoto kiosk uses AR technology to instantly take pictures and print them out a composite ticket to look as if they were taken with a famous star.


i-Aurora is known for providing their StarPhoto Kiosk technology to the number one top film company Wanda Cinema in China.

‘Baltimore Orioles Fanfest’ is an event for Baltimore Orioles fans that exists since 1988 and more than 15,000 people attended this year. The fans were able to be photographed with the Baltimore Orioles’ Joey Lee Card and Tyler Wilson and keep it as souvenirs on their ticket. To be able to take your picture on the Star Photo Kiosk people had to cue for about 2 hours.

After establishing a subsidiary in the US last year, i-Aurora has sought to steadily advance into sports and movie markets. Last December they participatedin the major league winter meeting and presented their StarPhoto kiosk to the clubs.

AStarPhoto kiosk output from the Baltimore Orioles Fanfest on January 28th

The MLB StarPhoto kiosk,rather than simply taking pictures,focuses on the ability to collect photos of each player in conjunction with a dedicated application, to create a fan managing platform.
So the teams that were looking for a big data platform that would be able to gather fans’ information showed interest in the StarPhoto kiosk of i-Aurora.

Especially as it enables them to collect a lot of information, such asfavorite clubs, athletes, etc., with just a card.

i-Aurora’sCeo Chang Yeong-Su said “MLB teams acknowledged the value of the StarPhoto kiosk as it offers a new form of platform with fan services and fan management tools” and “So the Baltimore Orioles invited us to attend their fan event for the first time.”
i-Aurora is currently negotiating the form, timing, etc. of their service introduction at the request of other clubs who have heard the their success at theFanfestevent. In the future, the company plans to actively advance into the four major sports markets (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL).

i-Aurora’s Ceo said that “The United States is expected to have an increase demand for StarPhoto kiosks as baseball player cards are becoming quite popular.” and that “As for the club, their advertisements will be played on the kiosk while the ticket is processed.”  i-Aurora is the first Korean company to export kiosks that incorporate AR technology in the US sports market.The company is currently operating theStarPhoto kiosk with the Goyang Orion team, but the introduction is not yet active.
This is a result of i-Aurora’s wish to launch products aimed at the global market from the beginning. i-Aurora has patented five AR technologies to advance into the global market. It also supplies Cinepolis, the No. 1 theater in Mexico, and PVR Cinema, India’s No. 1 theater.

i-Aurora’s CEO also mentioned that “After the US corporation meeting held last year, with the help of the Export Incubator of the Small Business Promotion Corporation, it made sense to create a platform for American sports fans.”


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